YoonYJ wins SC2 MSS Cup #1

MotherShip Studios Cup #1

Team Immunity’s Yo Jun “YoonYJ” Yun defeated Flash e-Sports‘s Marcus “Revenant” Tan 3-2 in the final to be crowned champion of the inaugural MotherShip Studios StarCraft II Cup #1.

The epic series saw YoonYJ, playing Terran, using a heavy pressure strategy to force Revenant, playing Zerg, down two games. However, Revenant made a stunning comeback and took two games to force a tie, bringing the finals into a tie-breaking ace match.

YoonYJ did not let the pressure get to him and prevailed in the final match of the series, winning the tournament with his signature two-Barracks pressure which left Revenant hard-pressed to find a response.

“Overall, I managed to keep my composure against YoonYJ, whose skills are far superior to mine. So I’m pretty pleased,” Revenant told NGNT after the match.

In the third/fourth placing match, aLtiaguz defeated inFiRoz 2-1 to take third place.

  • YoonYJ 1st Prize: $150
  • Revenant 2nd Prize: $100
  • aLtiaguz 3rd Prize: $50

View the tournament brackets here.

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