Asian PSN Store restored, slightly wonky


The Asian PSN Store for Singapore has been restored on Thursday afternoon, but with some minor connectivity issues, possibly due to the large number of gamers accessing the re-opened Store at the same time.

If you receive an error message while accessing or navigating the Store page, just simply press your “X” button to cancel, then press the “O” button again until you are granted access.

I managed to perform a quick test by purchasing a DLC pack for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. The transaction and download process was completed smoothly.

The “Welcome Back” package, an incentive by Sony to reward customers for their patience during the PSN downtime, is still offline. Details on how to claim the free games for our region will be issued at a later date.

Sony had previously issued a press release stating that all PSN services will be fully restored by 2 June (except for Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong), with a further update for the PSN Store and PSN Plus coming on 3 June.

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