MvC3 Singapore: Battlefield Fridays at Colosseum

MvC3 Singapore

The Marvel vs. Capcom 3 community in Singapore will be organising a month-long, weekly league tournament at Colosseum, Iluma Level 7 at Bugis, every Friday night starting at 8pm, during the period of 3 June to 24 June.

Called Battlefield Fridays 2.0, the 2 vs 2 tournament will be in double-elimination format, with teams consisting of one beginner and one MvC3 veteran. Newcomers from each team will also be chosen to battle each other first.

This format will allow all players to mingle with each other, and give the newbies more chances to play.

Registration for the tournament is $4 per person (ie. $8 per team). There will be no prizes for the overall winners of the tournament after the 4-week duration ends.

However, there will also be several free-play machines set up at the venue, and recordings of the matches will be provided via’s live stream page.

For more information, visit the MvC3 Singapore forums at, or visit their Facebook page.

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