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Razer for Life Singapore

I received a mysterious message from Razer in my email this morning. It’s not every day you receive a missive direct from the Cult of Razer, much less one specifically directed to the people of Singapore. I had to investigate.

The message, titled “Razer for Life”, read:

Something epic is coming – and we call upon all ye faithful to gather and spread the word.

The Sign of Razer can be sought at www.razerforlife.com.sg

Something… epic? The “Sign of Razer”? The plot thickens. Perhaps we might be seeing a new product from Razer soon?

Ever the curious (and obedient) minion, I proceeded to the website as directed. There, in all its glory, was the Razer snake logo piercing the very heart of Singapore. It was accompanied by a countdown timer which appeared to be counting down towards 9 June, 11am.

What could this mean? Is the Razer-pocalypse neigh? Was I faithful enough? Should I repent before it’s too late?

Before I panicked further, I noticed a form I could fill up, located discretely below the map of Singapore. Could this be Razer offering me a last chance to redeem myself before the revelation next Thursday?

I hastily entered my details, hoping to receive the blessing of the Sign of Razer. A few moments later, I received another email from the Cult:

The time is drawing closer for you to receive the exclusive Sign of Razer, an exclusive item only for the Razer faithful.

To be eligible for the Sign of Razer, print out a copy of this email to our staff at the PC Show from the 9th to 12th of June. Having the Sign of Razer allows you to participate in our monthly contest to win the weapons of gaming warfare every month till the end of December 2011. For more information, be sure to visit www.razerforlife.com.sg when the timer ticks down.

Looks like I’m in. I’ll be receiving the Sign when the countdown ends, a warrior armed with weapons of gaming warfare fighting on behalf of Razer’s armies when the end comes.

Perhaps you should receive the Sign of Razer too. Save yourself before the end!

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  • Neth

    The rapture is here.

  • Wei-Meng

    So are you gonna be raptured? 😀