StarHub e-Club TF2 server guide [updated]

Team Fortress 2: Cake is NOT a lie

With Valve making Team Fortress 2 free-to-play effective yesterday, many gamers – both new players and TF2 veterans – are now giving the game a go. The question is, where do you go to play? NGNT recommends playing on the StarHub e-Club servers as they have good connectivity across most of the Asia-Pacific region. Read on for a quick guide and a list of server IPs.

Standard servers

Standard servers are the original way in which TF2 was meant to be played. While StarHub e-Club runs 10 TF2 standard servers (with four new servers being added just yesterday), not all of them are made the same.

pl4ever servers run only Payload maps, while cp4ever servers run only Capture Point maps. Similarly, the KoTH4ever server runs only King of the Hill maps. The allmaps server runs all Payload, Capture Point and Capture the Flag maps

golddust4ever servers have only pl_goldrush and cp_dustbowl, the two most popular maps of their respective game modes, in their rotation. 2fort4ever servers run only the 2fort Capture the Flag map. Similarly, the orangeX4ever server runs only the OrangeX custom map.

  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #01 [golddust4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #02 [golddust4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #03 [2fort4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #04 [pl4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #05 [KoTH4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #06 [orangeX4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #07 [2fort4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #08 [ad4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #09 [cp4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #10 [allmap]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #11 [2fort4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #12 [pl4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #13 [golddust4ever]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #14 [orangeX4ever]

Arena Servers

Arena servers run arena maps. The Arena mode is a more tactical variation of TF2, where players don’t get to respawn until the end of the round. The focus of arena maps is to either eliminate the opposing team, or to capture the central capture point to win.

  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #15 Arena #01 [nocrit]
  • — StarHub e-Club TF2 #16 Arena #02

PUG Servers

There are two pick up game servers as well. These are servers which are for scrims, or friendly competitive games. They are usually played 6 on 6 using CEVO or other similar tournament rules. For more information, visit AsiaFortress, where the competitive community gathers.

  • — StarHub TF2 #17 PUBLANDERS
  • — StarHub TF2 #20

MGEMod Servers

MGEMod is a custom modification of TF2, mainly for training or for death match purposes.

  • – StarHub TF2 #19 MGEMod

And that’s the guide. Enjoy TF2!

Updated (4 July 2011): New StarHub servers added to the list.

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  • Neth

    Sadly the servers have no time limit, and poor map settings. Playing cp_egypt and cp_steel twice as defender and attacker totally sucks.

  • F2plowsee

    eee… f2p players all so newbie wan~~~! muz be yang poor chewrens praying de.

  • Batmenbiscuits

    Servers are really laggy since going F2P. Would be great to know if something is being done. Also just wondering why were the options to record replays remove?

  • Wei-Meng

    Hi Batmenbiscuits,

    As far as I know, e-Club is in charge of managing the StarHub TF2 servers at the moment. You should take up any issues you have with them. Try