Razer announces Electra headphones

Razer Electra

Razer has announced a new pair of closed-ear headphones, the Razer Electra, that promises to delivery great audio not only for gaming, but also for listening to music while you’re out and on the go.

The Electra comes with a number of nice options normally found only in headphones at a higher price range, such as detachable audio cables which can go into either the left or right ear cup (much like the popular red-cabled Beats headphones you see everyone wearing nowadays) and replaceable ear cushions.

Of course, being made by a gaming peripherals company, the Razer Electra also comes with a microphone built into a second detachable audio cable, enabling voice communications. I’m not sure if it allows use with a mobile phone, but it would be totally rad if it did.

These headphones will be coming to Singapore in October, with a suggested retail price of US$59.90. Here are some images of the Electra:

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