What we know about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so far


It seems like the new Counter-Strike game Valve has been rumoured to be developing is all but confirmed now. Besides the numerous tweets from people who play-tested the game at Valve’s headquarters today, original Counter-Strike developer Jess Cliffe has come out to confirm the name of the game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

I’ve put together all the information we currently know about CS:GO together, so read on for more details.

The only thing we know that is 100% confirmed is that the game exists and the game title — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — thanks to Valve developer Jess Cliffe coming out on the Steam community forums to correct a thread which had erroneously called the new game “Global Operation”.

Besides that, nearly everything else we know at this stage has been posted by Reddit user “StefN“, who claims to have spent the day at Valve’s headquarters play-testing CS:GO. While StefN does seem to come across as reliable and Reddit is a generally reliable source of information, StefN could also be a massive troll.

I’d advise you to take all of the following with a pinch of salt. Remember, even if true, game design, mechanics and balance can and will often change significantly before release. If true though, looks like we’re in for a great game!

So here’s a summary of information I pulled out from StefN’s Reddit thread:


  • Heavily focused around 5-on-5 play for both competitive and casual
  • Many old maps have been altered to accommodate this, with de_dust and de_aztec specifically mentioned by StefN
  • Introduction of a built-in ranking system and match-making system
  • Uses updated version of the Source Engine, so the feel, physics and movement will be similar to Counter-Strike: Source


  • Ammo will be free, like in Counter-Strike: Source
  • Changes made to existing guns, with tapping being less viable than spraying — Valve is looking to change this
  • Flashbangs now function like how they do in 1.6
  • New grenades, including a molotov cocktail which slows movement speed while dealing damage and a dummy grenade designed to trick players
  • Left-handed viewmodels (aka cl_righthand 0) still works

Apparently, there are about 20 folks from the European CS:S competitive scene who were flown down to Valve’s HQ, and they will continue play-testing tomorrow as well. Look forward to more news coming out from Valve and from those sources, particularly ESEA, tomorrow.

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