It’s officially official: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets early 2012 release

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve has issued an official press release for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which confirms many of the details first revealed by invited play-testers last Friday, and promises an “early 2012” release for the first new CS game in almost 7 years.

News of the new CS game first broke on Friday through unofficial channels, after competitive Counter-Strike: Source players invited by Valve to play-test CS:GO posted Twitter updates and even started a very informative Reddit thread to answer questions from the public.

The press release confirms that there will be match-making, leader boards and new maps, characters and weapons, while also delivering updated versions of the classic CS maps. Curiously, there is mention of “new gameplay modes”, but no further specifics were given.

CS: GO promises to expand on CS’ award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next-gen consoles and the Mac,” said Doug Lombardi, VP of Marketing at Valve.

Also involved in developing CS: GO is Hidden Path Entertainment, who are behind the recent CS:S beta which added achievements, stats and engine updates, as well as the tower defence game Defense Grid – The Awakening.

We’ll get our first look at CS:GO at this year’s PAX Prime (26 to 28 August) and Eurogamer Expo (22 to 25 September), where the games will not only be demoed, but also apparently playable, lending credibility to the early 2012 release date.

For the uninitiated, Valve has their own reality distortion field known as “Valve time”, which humorously has its own entry on the official Valve Developer Community wiki. Judging from experience, “early 2012” might just end up being “late 2012”, so I wouldn’t start holding my breath so soon if I were you.

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