Dota 2 Gamescom trailer hero guide

Confused about which hero is which in the Dota 2 Gamescom trailer? Or perhaps you’re new to Dota and have never heard of any of these heroes? Here’s a blow-by-blow guide, as well as links to each hero’s Dota Allstars profile, to help you identify each and every hero that appears in the trailer.

The merchant at the beginning is actually the secret shop merchant.

The trailer opens up with the Drow Ranger shooting her frost arrows at a bunch of mobs:

Followed by a battle between Axe and the Bloodseeker:

They’re interrupted by the arrival of the Anti-Mage:

If you blink, you’ll miss the few seconds the Rogue Knight (aka Sven) appears in the frame, at the right:

The Earthshaker finally breaks up the party with his Fissure ability:

Next we see the Faceless Void and the Storm Spirit facing off:

And the Night Stalker (aka Balanar) and Lightning Revenant (aka Razor) charging at each other:

The Pudge throws his hook at the Sand King but misses:

Opposing elemental magic users Crystal Maiden and Lina have a showdown:

They are interrupted by the Viper, who spits at the Dragon Knight, who then transforms into dragon form:

Special thanks to Manfred, who made this guide possible by posting the full list of heroes on our Facebook page!

Update: We previously reported the Night Stalker to be the Doom Bringer instead. This was obviously inaccurate and has been corrected.

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  • Noth

    There’s a little error in there, There isn’t any Doombringer in the Trailer. It is Night Stalker ( Balanar ) if we follow the community.

  • Wei-Meng

    Hi Noth, thanks for the info! From what I’ve read, it seems that either could be true. I’ll update the post to reflect this, until we get more concrete information.

  • Dog

    It’s nightstalker. Saw a in-game screenshot of Doom and he looked nothing close to that

  • Wei-Meng

    Duly noted. I’ve updated the picture illustration as well. Do you have a link to the in-game screenshot of Doom? So I know what he looks like.

  • Martin

    Where’s Nevermore?

  • josh

    hey, just suggesting, doesn’t dragon knight look like silencer? (the part where his shield gets melted =p)

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  • Alex

    He is 100% Dragon Knight because his last ability is to transform into a dragon.