Nintendo 3DS drops to SG$249 in Singapore

Nintendo 3DS

Following Nintendo’s announcement of a worldwide price drop for its 3DS console, Maxsoft, the Singapore distributor of Nintendo products, has slashed local prices of the 3DS to SG$249, down SG$150 from the original price of SG$399.

Both GameSpot Asia and Geekbot have reported that the price drop for Singapore has taken effect from 11 August.

I visited Qisahn’s website for a quick check, and true enough, they’ve adjusted their prices to reflect the new price change.

Customers who purchased their 3DS before 10 August, will be eligible for an “Ambassador Program”, which is basically a reward programme for early adopters who purchased the 3DS earlier at its original, higher price.

The US Ambassador Program will offer gamers up to 20 free downloadable games from the online 3DS eShop. The full details of the Singapore Ambassador Program are currently unknown at this point (because Singapore does not have a local eShop), but you can probably expect it to follow along the same lines of the US Program, in the form of free physical games.

To be eligible for the local Ambassador Program, customers who purchased the 3DS before 10 August must fill up this registration from on the Maxsoft website. There is currently no deadline for the Ambassador Program registration.

My thoughts:
This massive price drop makes the 3DS much more affordable now, and I am feeling very tempted to purchase one for myself during the holiday period. The previous SG$399 cost was as expensive as buying a brand new PS3 Slim console (!).

For you early adopters, my only suggestion is that you pray hard that Maxsoft offers something good with its Ambassador Program, in order to make up for that extra SG$150 that you spent. Very very hard.

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  • Fit3_95

    When will the Flame Red 3ds be released in Singapore?

  • GFoppy

    I’m not sure, I was at Qisahn yesterday and didn’t ask. It’s already out in Japan since July; It will be released in North America on 9 September, so probably around the same time there.

    It’s quite possible that the Flame Red 3DS will be slightly more expensive compared to the current Blue and Black colours. Usually the newer, brighter colours are more expensive by $10-$20.

  • Rayjian Ng

    where to buy nintendo 3ds in singapore ???

  • GFoppy

    Any good videogame store should be selling it. I recommend Qisahn, Gamescore, or Funzcentre. Google them if you need their address.

  • Michael Lim

    Yes, I would definitely recommend Funzcentre. Experienced nothing but brilliant service so far. Prices are pretty good as well.