US$5 million prize pool announced for LoL Season Two Championship

League of Legends

If you thought the US$1 million prize for DotA 2’s début tournament was over the moon, wait till you hear what Riot Games has planned for its own League of Legends: they’ve just announced a US$5 million prize pool for the League of Legends Season Two Championship.

Unlike Valve, who is spending all of that US$1 million on a single event, Riot Games is splitting up the prize money to fund local, national and international tournaments. Presumably, that means we’ll see at least some of that money channeled to Singapore through our local LoL publisher, Garena.

Still, who are we kidding? That’s FIVE. MILLION. DOLLARS. So where’s the poor, underperforming global economy everyone’s been talking about?

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  • Neth

    They mad?