Scythe.SG in winners bracket at Gamescom Dota 2 tournament

Dota 2

Scythe.SG are in the winners bracket of The International Dota 2 Championships after placing second in their group with two wins and one loss at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

The sole Singapore representatives at Dota 2‘s debut tournament defeated nevo from Denmark and from Europe but lost to Na’Vi from Ukraine in the group stage. Scythe.SG will now have to face Danish team MYM in the first match of the winners brackets.

I didn’t manage to catch either team play yesterday, but PMS Asterisk*’s Dawn “pinksheep” Yang did. In an entry on the Asterisk* blog, she wrote that the winner of the match is “hard to say”, but believes that the strong individual skills of Scythe.SG’s heavweights Han-Yong “hyhy” Lim, Daryl “iceiceice” Koh and Joshua “xy” Liang might give them the slight edge. pinksheep also wrote predictions for the other winners bracket matches, so check it out.

Scythe.SG will be playing their match at 5.15pm Singapore time, with a live stream available from the Dota 2 tournament website.


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