Scythe.SG defeats EHOME in Gamescom Dota 2 winners brackets semi-finals

Dota 2

Forget about the 6 – 25 loss against Na`Vi in the group stage. Forget about the largely undecisive 37 – 19 defeat Scythe.SG handed out to MYM yesterday. Tonight’s Scythe.SG is a completely different team from the previous two days: A highly skilled, determined and, most importantly, focused team which handed EHOME a 25 – 6 drubbing in the winners brackets semi-finals tonight at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

In hindsight, the match had all the makings of an epic match. EHOME were widely tipped to defeat Scythe.SG after their impressive showing, having never lost a single match to date. Scythe.SG looked like they had barely scraped through the group stage and then their first winners bracket match. And before the start of the match, EHOME laid down a taunting challenge, typing “rang ni men ming bai” (mandarin for “We will let you all understand”), in public chat.

The game opened with both sides playing extremely cautiously, with neither Scythe.SG nor EHOME gaining any meaningful advantage. This quickly changed when Scythe.SG, using Smoke of Deceit’s invisibility, managed to ambush one of EHOME’s flying courier after it had bought a Vitality Booster at the secret shop at the 22 minute mark. This was the turning point which cost EHOME 1,100 in wasted gold, put them decisively behind Scythe.SG in gold count and demoralised them, with EHOME never seriously threatening Scythe.SG for the rest of the game.

The highlight came at the end when Scythe.SG pushed into EHOME’s base, clearing all five of EHOME’s heroes without taking a single loss. The game ended soon after at the 37 minute mark, with Scythe.SG racking up 25 kills against EHOME’s 6.

The match replay and live scoreboard will be available at the official tournament website once uploaded.

Scythe.SG will face Na`Vi from Ukraine in the winners brackets finals tomorrow, scheduled for 7pm. The winners brackets finals will be a best of three, so bring your popcorn and be ready for what could be three hours of matches.

Update: We had previously reported that a Radiance was lost along with EHOME’s flying courier. It should have been a Vitality Booster.

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  • Abishuatan

    no ehome did not lose a radiance when their courier got killed =/

  • gustave154

    it was an epic match!
    i hope singaporeans will play dota 2 after this win!

  • Wei-Meng

    Hi Abishuatan, thank you for pointing that out. I’ve went back and checked the replay now that it is available, it was a Vitality Booster. The story has been updated accordingly.

  • Yang Chewrens

    hope we wins