Portal 2 custom map: Are you ready to think with impossible spaces?

Remember the “impossible space” Valve developer Eric Tams described in Portal 2’s developer commentary? Youtube user tonymyre311 took it to heart and created an entire map full of reality-bending impossible spaces.

Impossibly long hallways? Check. Rooms with insides larger than their outside dimensions? Check. Walking up the wall of a room, defying gravity like a boss? Check. There’s even a neat visual trick where you can see pristine and destroyed versions of the same room all at once.

The sad thing is that the map is more of a tech demo; there’s no real puzzle to solve. However, with mappers starting to explore with the linked_portal_door entity in the Portal 2 SDK that makes this possible, it’s only a matter of time that impossible spaces like these are worked into puzzles. And who knows, perhaps Valve might include such impossible space puzzles in the free Portal 2 content patch, due to be released in mid-September .

Download tonymyre311’s Non-Euclidean Level Design map to try it out for yourself, or click on read more to watch a video of the map’s key features if you’re reading this from the front page.

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  • http://nogamenotalk.com GFoppy

    I would like to see more “walking on walls” puzzles. Prey showed how it could be done in an FPS; Would be interesting to see how it could be implemented with the addition of Portal’s portal gun.