SSF4AE: Xian and Tetra exit GODSGARDEN #4 at group stage


Wilson “Tetra” Chia and Kun-Xian “Xian” Ho participated in last Saturday’s GODSGARDEN #4 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournament, held in Tokyo, Japan. The pair from Singapore managed respectable results but did not get out of their qualifying pools.

Tetra, playing Yang, had a 3 win and 5 loss record, defeating Binbinmanhydebuffy, and Kindevu in Pool C. Xian, playing Yun, had the same record, defeating ReiketsuHidou, Togawa, and Anchovy in Pool F. Notably, Xian suffered a narrow defeat to Itabashi Zangief in the only streamed match featuring the Singapore players.

GODSGARDEN #4 was eventually won by Fuudo, who is also this year’s EVO Championship Series SSF4AE champion. The final top 16 standings are available on, while full match results are available at this One Character Victory Japanese wiki page.

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