SSF4AE: Gackt and Mango to represent Singapore in China [Updated]

SG Finest

Update (12 Sep): It was previously reported that Pei Hoon and Gackt would be sponsored to represent Singapore in China. Pei Hoon has since decided not to take the trip to China, because he wishes to stay in Singapore to look after his mother. Therefore Pei Hoon’s prize trip will be passed on to the third-place finisher of the qualifier, Ivan “Mango” Wang.

Original: Last Saturday’s Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournament at TKA Bugis Junction, organised by SG Finest, ended with Jia-Chun Tan “Pei Hoon” emerging as champion, who defeated Ghim-Kee Eng “Gackt” in the grand finals.

Pei Hoon (using Yang) defeated Gackt (using Fei Long) convincingly in the decisive match. For finishing in the top-2, both Pei Hoon and Gackt will be sponsored to represent Singapore at a China National tournament, held in Dalian, China on 24-25 September.

Kun-Xian Ho “Xian”, Singapore’s top-finisher at this year’s Evo 2011, was knocked out earlier in the top-8.

You can view the recorded matches of the final brackets over at Cross Counter Asia’s channel.

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