Portal: No Escape is an awesome film adaption of the game

I have no idea how I missed this one, but about two weeks ago film maker Dan Trachtenberg released a seven-minute short film titled Portal: No Escape. It’s awesome, and you must watch it. Read on for the video and my thoughts.

Quite frankly, Portal: No Escapeis the best live action adaptation of a video game I have ever seen in any medium. The visual direction is stunning and believably real, the film is brilliantly scored (by Mike Zarin, who apparently did the Inception trailer music) and the creative license taken by adding human guards works out well. Most importantly, the twist ending captures the essence of the Portal series remarkably well. No small feat, and no wonder it took Dan Trachtenberg one and a half years to make.

Could we eventually see a full-length Portal feature film? While I’m not hopeful, I certainly want to see one.

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