Largest contingent of S’poreans yet participating in ESTC 2011

ESTC - E-Sports Thailand Championship

A contingent of 20 Singaporeans will be participating in this year’s E-Sports Thailand Championship, held from 6 to 9 October at the Bangkok International Game Festival. They will be participating in the Dota Allstars, StarCraft II and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournaments, with up to 423,000 THB (S$17,720) in prize money at stake.

The three Dota Allstars teams from Singapore will face 29 other teams from across the region, including China, Malaysia, Myammar, Thailand and the Philippines. The StarCraft II tournament will feature opponents from further abroad, including players from Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States. The SSF4AE tournament is expected to be attended largely by players from Thailand.

Full breakdown of ESTC 2011 participants and the prize pools they are chasing below:

Dota Allstars

  • PMS | Asterisk*
  • MYM.Dota
  • Aeon.Dota
  • 1st: 180,000 THB (S$7,540)
  • 2nd: 80,000 THB (S$3,350)
  • 3rd: 40,000 THB (S$1,675)

Starcraft II

  • Huayan “Yan” Ng from PMS | Asterisk*
  • Marcus “Revenant” Tan from Flash e-Sports
  • Ian “Muse” Ang from Flash e-Sports
  • Aloysius “Alderaan” Ang
  • Astron.386
  • 1st: 50,000 THB (S$2,070)
  • 2nd: 35,000 THB (S$1,450)
  • 3rd: 15,000 THB (S$620)

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

  • Wilson “Tetra” Chia
  • 1st: 10,000 THB (S$415)
  • 2nd: 8,000 THB (S$330)
  • 3rd: 5,000 THB (S$207)

Foreign player list for Dota and SC2

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