Your More-Or-Less Definitive Guide to Geralt’s Dark Armor


For anyone out there who hasn’t tried The Witcher 2 on Dark Mode or are struggling to acquire the highly coveted cursed equipment sets that have been introduced in the recent mega-patch to version 2.0, look no further for this guide has been not-so-carefully crafted for all of your accursed needs!

Cursed Items 101

Before you run off spending your hard earned orens on Geralt’s cursed equipment sets (you probably will anyway) , it’d do you a world of good to know a few features that all of them share in common across the game’s three main Acts.

  • All cursed items must be crafted, their diagrams purchased from vendors in each Act
  • The cursed equipment featured in each Act are BiS (best-in-slot) for Geralt, rendering all other weapons and armor pieces obsolete
  • Drawing Geralt’s blade while wearing an incomplete set will cause Geralt’s health to continuously deplete
  • Drawing Geralt’s blade while wearing a complete set allows Geralt to passively drain his enemies’ health with each strike
  • Drawing any cursed blade will turn your field of vision grayscale

What Do You Need Exactly?

So you’ve decided to gun for Geralt’s cursed equipment sets have you? Well then, you must have surmised by now that the items will work at their best without jeopardizing Geralt’s well-being only after the full outfit has been assembled and worn . As such, I personally recommend that you hoard your materials and orens for as long as it takes to muster enough resource to purchase and craft every item you require in a single setting. It takes a bit time and work but with storage now available over at your friendly neighborhood inn, it shouldn’t be too difficult of a task.

With that in mind, here’s a totaled summary of the orens and materials you’ll need in order to craft each respective equipment set. Bear in mind that the oren costs may vary depending on whether you’ve acquired Geralt’s Haggle ability.

Act 1 – Blasphemer’s Outfit

  • Weapon Stats (Steel): Dmg 22-28, Vitality +25, Dmg Reduction on Block +5%, Bleeding +30%, Chance of Instant Kill +2%
  • Weapon Stats (Silver): Dmg 20-25, Bleeding +15%, Chance of Instant Kill +1%
  • Armor Stats: Armor +23, Vitality +65, Reduction of Dmg from magic +27%, Resistance to Incineration +85%, Resistance to Bleeding +36%, Resistance to Poisoning +40%, Dmg Bonus on Signs +5
  • Diagram Vendor: Berthold Canderleria
  • Diagram Cost: 1996 Orens
  • Crafting Cost: 515 Orens
  • Materials: 4x Amethyst Dust, 5x Diamond Dust, 5x Endrega Hide, 2x Endrega Venom, 16x Hardened Leather, 16x Iron Ore, 8x Nekker Claws, 9x Nekker Teeth, 20x Robust Cloth, 12x Silver Ore, 20x Studded Leather, 5x Timber, 4x Twine, 2x Yellow Meteorite Ore

Act 2 – Oathbreaker’s Outfit

  • Weapon Stats (Steel): Dmg 32-45, Bleeding +20%, Vigor Regen during Combat +10%
  • Weapon Stats (Silver): Dmg 35-45, Poison +20%, Chance of Instant Kill +2%
  • Armor Stats: Armor +36, Vitality +75, Reduction of Dmg from Magic +43%, Resistance to Incineration +50%, Resistance to Bleeding +60%, Resistance to Poisoning +65%, Dmg Bonus on Signs +8, Max Carry Load +70
  • Diagram Vendor: Mael (Iorveth), Quartermaster’s Assistant (Roche)
  • Diagram Cost: 3836 Orens
  • Crafting Cost: 1190 Orens
  • Materials: 7x Amethyst Dust, 2x Blue Meteorite Ore, 3x Diamond Dust, 1x Draugir Armor Fragment, 4x Essence of Death, 18x Hardened Leather, 6x Harpy Feathers, 16x Iron ore, 20x Robust Cloth, 14x Silver Ore, 20x Studded Leather, 5x Timber, 10x Twine

Act 3 – Kinslayer’s Outfit

  • Weapon Stats (Steel): Dmg 52-60, Bleeding +40%, Chance of Instant Kill +3%
  • Weapon Stats (Silver): Dmg 50-55, Poison +30%, Chance of Instant Kill +3%
  • Armor Stats: Armor +51, Vitality +125, Reduction of Dmg from Magic +55%, Resistance to Incineration +70%, Resistance to Bleeding +85%, Resistance to Poisoning +90%, Vitality Reg +2, Dmg Bonus on Signs +10, Max Carry Load +25
  • Diagram Vendor: Bras of Ban Ard
  • Diagram Cost: 6360 Orens
  • Crafting Cost: 1625 Orens
  • Materials: 2x Blue Meteorite Ore, 1x Dragon Scale, 4x Elemental Stone, 9x Gargoyle Dust, 28x Hardened Leather, 8x Harpy Feathers, 2x Harpy Saliva, 18x Iron Ore, 4x Leather, 26x Robust Clot, 14x Silver Ore, 8x Studded Leather, 4x Timber, 1x Troll Tongue, 12x Twine


Tips And Recommendations

As you can plainly see, the armor sets are overpowered beyond the wildest dreams a Celaeno Harpy could harvest. However, acquiring any cursed set alone, much less all three sets, will likely burn several holes in the toughest of Geralt’s leather tunics. To that end, if you’re not a hardcore completionist, I strongly recommend against acquiring the equipment sets as you may find the material and oren “grind” tiresome. For those of you who’re either patient or crazy enough to work the items though, here’re some tips to get you going.

  • Snag EVERYTHING that isn’t bolted to the floor
  • Stash what you need, sell everything else that you don’t need
  • Arm-Wrestling is, I find, the quickest and least troublesome means to earn orens, albeit being slightly boring
  • Purchase materials from vendors for cheap, especially higher tiered leather and cloth
  • Meditate for twenty four hours to instantly refresh a vendor’s stock
  • With these cursed equipment on hand, you won’t need much in the way of potions – sell everything except for Swallow or Cat
  • Forage extensively and sell as many herbs as you can get your hands on, except for those required to craft Swallow or Cat

the witcher 2 new dark armor
Congratulations! With all this information on hand, you’re on the not-so-fast track to your first set of cursed equipment!

Work hard, craft those items and be the unstoppable force of doom that you were meant to be!

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  • Karrey Bennett

    thank you for this it helped alot

  • Luke Richards

    Am I the only one this has happened to? He won’t craft all four pieces
    of blasphemer armour. I have the resources. I have the money. He
    crafts three, then there’s no Y button for Craft on the fourth. It
    doesn’t matter which three I craft. He’ll do them no matter what. Then
    he’ll do repeats of the last one I crafted, but he will never craft the
    fourth. I can’t be the only person in the world to have this problem,
    but there’s nothing on any forum I’ve found. I’m playing on the 360.

  • Christopher Odd

    Makre sure you’re factoring in the cost of the diagram. It’s at the top of the crafting screen.

  • Luke Richards

    Thanks for replying, man. I didn’t expect anyone to given how old the thread is. I factored all that in. Never worked. But all’s well. The later armour sets would craft just fine, so come chapter 2, I didn’t care anymore. Also, I’d misinterpreted something. I’d thought I couldn’t wear the armour without the full set. Turns out you just can’t use the swords without the full set, and I never wanted to use them anyway. Losing all colour was too great a price to pay for superior stats. Thanks again.

  • Alex Papp

    Holy shit! your recent videos got me to start a new dark mode playthrough of the witcher 2. Now when i google how to get the dark item sets I run into you here!

    big fan of your stuff, keep it up.

  • GFoppy

    I’m glad that this guide helped you in one way or another.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t completed The Witcher 2 yet and this guide was written by an acquaintance of mine whom I’ve lost contact with, so I couldn’t answer your original question myself.