Skyrim, live and fan made

While Skyrim’s release may only be a month away, a number of very dedicated fans and volunteers have taken up arms in an effort to show the world just how much The Elder Scrolls and Besthesda’s upcoming epic mean to them.

As quoted from director Blake Armstrong of Try Force Productions:

As far as this trailer goes, I couldn’t be happier with my crew. Everyone was absolutely extraordinary. Creating what we did on a budget of nothing more than lunch for the volunteer cast and crew plus a few pints of corn syrup was a great experience. The hard work everyone put in shows through and is extremely appreciated.

Although the video doesn’t tell much of a coherent story, I find myself rather taken by the quality with which this rather violent and chaotic montage has been executed, especially so on the part of the costume designers. Also, as much as I generally frown upon the use of fast cutting in a video, it seems to have, very thankfully, worked out for this video.

A pity that Armstrong didn’t have any room in the budget to include a glimpse of one of Skyrim’s largest draws, Dragons. (lol)

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