Felicia Day goes medieval, Dragon Age: Redemption is now live!

This comes a couple of days late but the first episode of the highly anticipated Dragon Age: Redemption live action web-series is now live, featuring Felicia Day, of The Guild fame, in the lead role of Tallis, an Elvish assassin who sets out on a quest for, yes, redemption. 

***** Thread with care, for there be Spoilers! *****

The first episode, aptly titled “Tallis”, introduces us to Felicia’s character and gives us a brief overview of what her quest entails. Based on what the first episode’s shown us, it would seem that prior to the events of the web-series, Tallis was “condemned” and relegated to the role of a servant or butcher (for some reason that hasn’t been revealed) and has found shelter somewhere in Kirkwall. Shortly after her on screen introduction, however, our protagonist is offered an opportunity to redeem herself and have her status as an assassin restored in exchange for the capture of a Saarebas gone rogue, a Qunari mage. We are finally treated to a short sequence of a leather garbed Felicia running through a forest before duking it out against a Templar and a brutish thug of some sort, capping off the first episode in the series.

For now, I’m going to refrain from passing too harsh or glowing a  judgment on Redemption simply based off the first episode. There are, however, a couple of noteworthy things that should be mentioned as part of what I’ve gathered from my first impressions:

  • The quality of the world, costumes and weapons looks pretty good. Not quite outstanding, but good enough. It might have something to do with the budget.
  • The world as portrayed by the episode looks uncomfortably wholesome, lacking the dark and gritty undertones of the Dragon Age games.
  • The combat sequence came off VERY artificial. There was a lack of genuine passion behind each slash and blow.
  • The Qunari featured at the start of the episode looked plain WEIRD. He seems to be suffering from a bout of anorexia. (lol)
  • Felicia looks good in tanned leather.

Suffice to say, I was slightly less than impressed. Personally, I’m inclined to remain a skeptic. I’m sorry Felicia but for me, there’s only enough room for one hot eye-candy of an assassin in the world of Dragon Age, and her name’s Leliana.

On a related note, for those of you out there who’ve played and are huge fans of Dragon Age 2, you may be interested to know (or already know) that alongside Hawke, Tallis is featured in a starring role in their latest DLC offering, Mark of the Assassin.

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