It’s good to be HoMM: Collector’s Edition Unboxing


Holy Archangel Wings Batman! My very own Collector’s Edition of Heroes of Might and Magic VI! Believe me when I say I squealed like a little girl as I laid my hands upon the glossy finish of the box. My breath grew heavy as sweat trickled down my brow.

“You are a beauty” I whispered, slowly tracing the gentle edges of the box.

“I’m gonna undress you and take pictures of you in all your glory!”

I guess I better stop, I’m starting to sound like a scene out of a bad erotic novel. Ignoring the lewd imagery, the Collector’s Edition for HoMM VI is quite worth the 96 SGD I had to spent to sleep with it, considering the amount of stuff you are getting.

Here is a list of what’s in the Collector’s Edition:

  • 164-page Hardcover artbook
  • Extra 3+ hours of solo campaign
  • Game Soundtrack
  • God Dragon Lamya T-Shirt
  • In-game exclusives – 4 characters and 2 weapons
  • 1 free month subscriptioon to Might & Magic Heroes Kingdom
  • Engraved collector Haven Ring
  • A2 Sized double sided poster

The box itself resembles the gate to a Haven castle and it opens neatly to reveal the A2 Double sided poster and the the Hardcover Art book as you will see in the pictures.

After removing the Art Book you will find a small little sealed package sitting snugly in a depression next to your copy of the game proper along with all your digital content and game soundtrack.

 All that loot!

Ripping apart the plastic reveals your very own Dragon God Lamya T-Shirt, Score!

Free T-shirt!

A peek at the art book!

Between the T-Shirt and the game, you will find your very own Haven ring and if you look at it closely, it is actually pretty well made.

You can’t see it but the ring says “Lux Dominatoris”

All in all, this Collector’s Edition is very much worth the $96, especially if you are a long time fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise like I am.

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  • Neth

    Holy shit, that is pretty impressive !

  • Leksi

    i paid 43€ 😀

  • Jq

    any chance u guys know where still have the CE version?