Razer arcade stick beta to begin in December

Razer Arcade Stick Prototype

Remember the arcade stick product Razer announced nearly two months ago? It seems like the company is planning to ship out beta units to selected testers in early December, according to an interview Fighter’s Fury did with Razer Product Evangelist Hilmar Hahn.

“We’d like to begin shipping beta units to successful applicants early December, and subsequently run the program for 4 weeks or more pending feedback,” Hahn said.

Hahn also revealed that the  beta units will be more advanced than the prototypes Razer showed at the Tokyo Game Show, with many of the initial concerns from the community already addressed. Hopefully, this means that the button quick disconnects will be compatible with more than just Sanwa parts.

The full interview includes many more specifics about Razer’s plans for the arcade stick and the fighting games community, so read it at Fighter’s Fury.

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