PvP action comes to MapleSEA at last with CHAOS update

Player vs. player action has finally arrived for MapleStory players in Singapore and Malaysia with yesterday’s release of the CHAOS content update for MapleSEA.

If you’re worried about PvP griefing in the cute and tranquil landscapes of Victoria Island or Ossyria, fret not. PvP is limited to Battle Square, a separate game area accessible only through an NPC located in all major towns.

So if you can’t kill all those annoying kill-stealers, what can you do? There are two main PvP modes in Battle Square, Survival and Team Match, each lasting ten minutes per session. In Survival mode, players battle against one another in a free-for-all, while in Team Match mode, players will be assigned randomly into two teams, Red or Blue, and will have to work together to defeat the opposing team.

At the end of the battle, players will receive a score to determine their ranking as well as Battle EXP and Battle Points. The Battle Points can then be used to purchase items from the Battle Square.

To celebrate the launch of the CHAOS content update, Asiasoft will be holding the Asiasoft All Star Battle, MapleSEA’s first-ever PvP tournament, at Far East Plaza Atrium on 19 and 20 November. Details are available on the MapleSEA website. There will also be additional in-game events and activities with prizes up for grabs in the future.

And if you’re not interested in PvP, there’s a new boss, Empress Cygnus, that drops level 140 equipment and five new profession skills that will allow you to mine ore, forge armour, create potions and make accessories for your characters.

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