Skyrim: Wish you were here (Part 2)

Epic kill animation with Fire Cloak on

After more than a good ninety-two hours of being cooped up in a dark room with nothing but chips and Mountain Dew serving as my only form of sustenance, I finally emerged from my lair and strode forth into the real world… well… for little over ten minutes or so. That little break gave me just enough time to rush down to the nearest convenience store to resupply, before delving right back into the world of Skyrim!


Sword and Spell, death by flamethrower and a sword

Come at me bro!

Dovah vs Dovahkiin

How to tame a dragon

Nightingale Armor makes you look like Spawn

Chasing the Headless Horsemen of Nordic Tales

And off I go, chasing after the headless horsemen to places only the Divines know where.

Zu’lu Fin Sahrot Dovahkiin! Saviik Do Keizaal!

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