Time-lapse video shows the beauty of Skyrim’s world

If the two screenshot galleries colleagues Mike and Wei Song posted last week didn’t convince you that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has one of the most beautiful game visuals today, then perhaps this time-lapse video of Skyrim’s sweeping vistas and magnificent landscapes will.

YouTube user wrenthereaper worked on the video for roughly 40 hours and recorded over 80 GBs of game footage to create this time-lapse video showcasing one of the true stars of Skyrim: the game world crafted by developers Bethesda Game Studios.

While Skyrim is undeniably beautiful, the time-lapse video manages to expose one of the major flaws, not just of Skyrim’s game engine, but of computer game graphics today. We’ve come to the point where rendered wind-swept plains and snow-capped mountains look almost photo-realistic and completely believable; yet the sight of flowing water or waves in the sea look obviously fake, standing out like a sore thumb in the otherwise majestic landscapes.

The great minds behind real-time game graphics have advanced realistic rendering of lighting and texture; hopefully water and fluids will be the next great problem to be worked on.

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