Singapore’s first ever BarCraft: photos and recap

Singapore’s first ever BarCraft — a gathering to watch StarCraft II in a bar or pub — happened last Saturday. Organiser Alexandre “Frogmite” Dumont expected “maybe a dozen” to turn up, but over 50 people attended the event in the end. Here are some photos of the event, graciously provided by Shi Chun, who is better known as Tehbing in the StarCraft community.

Organiser Alexandre “Frogmite” Dumont (standing, second from right) rallies the crowd along with his “lieutenant” for the night Muhd Siddiq “EvilSWAT” (standing, far right) who provided the laptop that was used to show the MLG Providence live stream. Fun fact: MLG didn’t start until 12:30am, so most of the night was spent socialising and watching VODs of previous tournaments.

Frogmite originally expected “maybe a dozen” to attend, but a far greater number turned up at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub (56 Circular Road Singapore 049411) for BarCraft Singapore #1. Besides the five food platters purchased to secure the room, BarCraft attendees spent well over S$1,000 on food and beverages at Molly Malone’s. The bar’s manager was suitably impressed that night.

Prominent members of the Singapore StarCraft II and esports community made an appearance, including:

  • Bryan “nirvAnA” Choo and Eugene “Mezza” Huang, part of the admin team
  • Flash e-Sports‘s StarCraft II players Marcus “Revenant” Tan and Ian “Muse” Ang
  • PMS Asterisk* leader and Razer esports executive Tammy “furryfish” Tang
  • Esports caster-commentators Philibert “DeathAdder” Santhanaraj and Joseph “HDPhoenixx” Chan
  • ESL Southeast Asia Regional Head Jasper “MILOsan” Mah, who plays StarCraft II as sixcube

Singapore-based users from the TeamLiquid forums, and even some American Reddit users turned up for the party as well. See if you can spot them in the photos above!

The room Frogmite (pictured left) booked at Molly Malone’s Irish Pub could accommodate 30, but with over 50 attending the crowd often spilled onto the roadside. The world’s first al fresco BarCraft, perhaps?

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub had to close at 1am, so Singapore’s first BarCraft came to an end then. Frogmite invited those who were interested to head over to his living room to continue watching the rest of MLG Providence into the wee hours of the morning.

In short, the first BarCraft Singapore was a blast, and people finally got to put faces to the game handles they’ve seen so often on forums and in If you missed this one, not to worry; it seems like planning for the next BarCraft has already begun…

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