Minecraft Pocket Edition and 3 other games now 10 cents on Android Market

Minecraft Pocket Edition

To celebrate 10 billion apps downloaded on Android Market — the app store for Android devices — Google is selling 10 apps for 10 cents each for 10 days. Yes, that’s 10 Singapore cents (S$0.10), and four of those 10 apps are quality games, including Mojang’s Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

If the open-world exploration and construction sandbox-type game of Minecraft isn’t for you, there’s always the other three games:

  • Great Little War Game — a turn-based strategy game much like the Advance Wars series on Nintendo handhelds (I personally recommend this!)
  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD — a arcade-style racing game popular on mobile platforms
  • Fieldrunners HD — a tower defence type game

The other non-game apps are worth checking out too, including SoundHound ∞, a music identification app which I rely on to identify the songs you hear when you’re out and have no way other way to find out what the title is.

You’re out of luck if you don’t own an Android phone or tablet, but if you do, view all the 10-cent titles here.

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