Mod brings Skyrim and its Dragon Shouts to Kinect

Here’s a quick video that showcases a little bit of what you’d get if you brought together The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Kinect and a brilliant man with a dream.

Youtuber KinectFAAST brings the massive world of Skyrim to the Kinect with his latest PC Game-to-Kinect adaptation project. Based on what we’ve seen in this video, I think we can all agree that his efforts have produced something that is nothing short of impressive.

Using a combination of both gesture and voice capture, KinectFAAST has essentially opened the doors to the possibility of a fully hands-free Skyrim experience. The mod’s combination of voice and gesture controls allow players to interact with the game world and its NPCs, not to mention effortlessly toggle between the player character’s weapons, spells, menus, attacks and even Dragon Shouts.

That’s right. Imagine using a Dragon Shout in real life, only to have your in-game Dragonborn use the very same shout without having to go through the hassle of selecting it as an active power. Sure enough, if you’d care to have a look at the video’s 2:45 minute mark, you’ll notice that KinectFAAST actually uses the Dragon Shout “Yol” by shouting it, in real life, as a voice command!

This, my friend, is certifiably awesome! Huge props to KinectFAAST for this amazing mod of his.

For further details, you’ll want to visit his page on Youtube and have a look at the video’s description.

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