Watch our video interview with StarCraft II player Marcus “Revenant” Tan

No Game No Talk managed to get Flash e-Sports’s Marcus “Revenant” Tan to do a short 10 minute video interview on the sidelines of the StarCraft II LAN tournament last Sunday.

It’s the first time both esports commentator and show host Philibert “DA” Santhanaraj — who conducted the interview — and myself — who produced the videos — are doing a video interview, so please leave your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve in the comments below!

Meanwhile, stay tuned for our next video with Ian “Muse” Ang, also from Flash e-Sports, which should be uploaded on Thursday. We would have loved to interview aLtHan and aLtDementia, the podium finishers at the tournament but due to time constraints we couldn’t. We’ll catch you guys soon!

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