The next Xbox may ship in 2013, up to six times more powerful than Xbox 360


The chipset for the next iteration of the Xbox has been in production since last December and will head towards full-scale production by the end of the year, according to tech enthusiast blogs Semiaccurate and Fudzilla.

Citing unnamed sources, IGN confirmed that the chip — codenamed Oban — is powered by a PowerPC CPU along with a modified ATI Radeon 6000 series graphics processor and estimated that the next Xbox’s raw graphical power will be six times more powerful than the Xbox 360.

According to the Fudzilla and Semiaccurate reports, IBM and GlobalFoundries will only begin full-scale production of the chip by the end of the year, so those who are waiting for the release of the next Xbox this year will have to wait until at least 2013 for the news console to arrive.

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