Qisahn.com admits selling HK PS Vitas as S’pore sets, confirms there will be no local warranty from Sony


Singapore-based game retailer Qisahn.com has admitted that from 21 to 26 February, the company falsely advertised — and sold — PlayStation Vita sets imported from Hong Kong as being covered by manufacturer warranty in Singapore.

In the Facebook note posted by company CEO Soon Qishan this evening, Qisahn.com further confirmed that all PS Vitas sold during the six-day period “do not carry any form of warranty by Sony Singapore”. It is unknown how many customers were affected.

Qisahn.com has advised that customers who bought these sets can either choose to take a two-year shop warranty offered by Qisahn or exchange their Hong Kong PS Vita for Singapore sets once the shop receives them. Qisahn.com expects to receive the official Singapore PS Vita sets within 30 days. If they do not receive the sets within 30 days, Qisahn will offer customers a full refund. Specific details about each option are available in this Facebook note.

The first allegations that Qisahn.com was passing off the Hong Kong PS Vita sets as Singapore sets surfaced on the EDMW discussion forums three days ago in a thread titled “[SAGA] Local Gameshop Qisahn passes off HK PSP Vita as SG SET“.

The company did itself no favours with its initial responses in that EDMW discussion thread. Among the highlights were the following statements by q-clone, a forum account used by the company:

Because they are local sets. I know you are looking at the HK stickers and laughing at my claims.

But give it 30 days and we’ll know if I’ve bet wrongly or I pulled it off. (Link)

… the warranty for current batch of 3G Vita will be accepted by Sony Singapore. Our receipt date cannot be before the launch though, but that is something we can easily fix. (Link)

If you want to know how I can help customers claim warranty, buy from me. I’ll tell you in due course. (Link)

While I’m sure the intention was to reassure customers, the statements were not exactly confidence inspiring — especially since some turned out to be untrue.

In my opinion, at least Qisahn’s final service recovery offer is generous and is certainly the right thing to do for its customers.

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