New SimCity announced, will feature mobile cloud saves

EA and Maxis have announced a brand new SimCity game at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference 2012. It is due for release in 2013 and will be PC-only.

This is the fifth installment in the SimCity series, the last one being SimCity 4 which was released way back in 2003. It is being developed using Maxis’ new proprietary Glassbox Engine, which will lay the foundation for any future Sim-based games developed from Maxis (possible Sim HD remakes anyone?).

The most significant feature of the new SimCity is the addition of cloud saves, allowing gamers to play the game across their PC and mobile devices. Maxis has yet to reveal which mobile platforms are compatible with the cloud saves.

The official SimCity website has a bunch of new screenshots, trailers, and artwork, so be sure to check it out for the latest updates on the title.

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