Diablo III will not have PvP features on launch day

Diablo III closed beta Leoric

As if the delayed release date and the government regulation problems in Korea weren’t enough, Blizzard is now announcing that Diablo III will not ship with any player vs. player features on launch day.

Instead, the PvP Arena system, including features such as PvP achievements and a matchmaking function, will only be made available in a post-release patch according to a Battle.net post by Diablo III lead designer Jay Wilson.

“As we’re counting down the days until we’re ready to announce a release date for Diablo III, we’ve come to realize that the PvP game and systems aren’t yet living up to our standards,” Wilson wrote.

“Today, we wanted to let you know that we’ve made the difficult decision to hold back the PvP Arena system and release it in a patch following the game’s launch. After a lot of consideration and discussion, we ultimately felt that delaying the whole game purely for PvP would just be punishing to everyone who’s waiting to enjoy the campaign and core solo/co-op content, all of which is just about complete.”

Diablo III is expected to ship in the second quarter of this year; no firm date has been given.

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