No SEA server for Diablo III, Asiasoft confirms

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There will be no Southeast Asia server for Diablo III and all game items cannot be transferred between regional servers, an Asiasoft spokesperson confirmed on Monday morning.

Asiasoft is the official distributor for Blizzard games — including Diablo III — in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

“Based on current information, there will be no SEA server,” an Asiasoft spokesperson said. “Blizzard may change this nearer to the launch or post-launch. ”

The spokesperson was responding to No Game No Talk’s queries regarding regional servers and the real money auction house.

The spokesperson also forwarded the following Q&As, received direct from Blizzard:

If I live in Australia/New Zealand/Southeast Asia, what server will I play Diablo III on?
Players located in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia will play on the Americas region servers.

How does this impact the items I have purchased in the auction house?
Auction house purchases are bound to the servers in the region in which they’re bought. Any items acquired on the Americas region servers, in-game or otherwise, are bound to those servers and are not transferable to the servers in Europe or Asia (and vice versa). Please keep this in mind when making purchases in the auction house.

On the surface, Blizzard’s answers do not differ substantially from those we previously reported on 15 March, but a closer examination shows some additional crucial information to be gained.

Blizzard has now clarified that all items acquired on the Americas region servers, “in-game or otherwise” (meaning from world drops or from the auction house), cannot be transferred between regional servers.

While this seems to imply that characters cannot move freely or be transferred between regional servers, Blizzard does not have any official statement regarding the matter.

“As for the character transfer, there has been no official word from Blizzard about it yet as they are concentrating on the official launch at the moment,” the Asiasoft spokesperson said.

Diablo III will be released on 15 May, with a launch event planned to take place at Funan DigitaLife Mall.

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