StarCraft II: Flash eSports strengthens lineup

flash clan

Homegrown Singapore Team, Flash eSports, has headhunted three new StarCraft II players and added them to their roster, namely Terran player Bryan ‘draKe‘ Sum, Zerg player Ryan ‘Kyzersoze‘ Low, and Protoss player Thomas ‘Blysk‘ Kopankiewicz.

Flash has had their share of success in the SEA StarCraft II scene. They were founded in 2010 as a non profit gaming entity before turning into a professional competitive gaming team in 2011.

Then, with the signing of captain Marcus “Revenant” Tan, and the further addition of their star Terran player Ian “Muse” Ang, Flash has shown that it is able to compete with some of the larger SC2 teams and clans in the SEA region.

Both have shown success in various tournaments throughout 2011, with Revenant notably winning the March Alienware Winter Battlegrounds tournament.

After these new additions to the team, Flash looks to be all set for more trophy-hunting this year. With a recent invite to the exclusive Xeria Gaming Team League, as well as the upcoming season of SEACL, it remains to see how well they will do.

You can read up on each player’s individual bios and  announcement interviews here.

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