Purchasing Diablo III in Singapore

Diablo III closed beta features dark and grimy graphics, just like it should.

So you’ve played the Diablo III beta and decided to purchase the game when it’s released on 15 May. Many gamers have already pre-ordered their copies of the game. However, for those who have not pre-ordered and are wondering what are their options for purchasing a copy, here’s a compiled list for your reference.

Diablo III Standard Edition copies with Pre-order Cards (to be collected at launch event)

TechDrome at Sim Lim Square  – S$74.90

Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre “Uncle Lim” -S$76

War Games Shop  – S$72

Zepygames  – Non-member S$89/Member S$80

GameScore  – S$79 (Chance to win Diablo III poker set from lucky draw)

Gameshop.com.sg  – S$89 but with free local delivery

Einsofworld – S$79 (Not a physical shop)

Funzcentre  — Info obtained from GameAxis – S$89 + 2 free games (choose from Saints Row 2, Darksiders, Dawn of War 2 : Chaos Rising, Samurai Warriors)

Seow Choon -S $73.90

GameWerks  – S$75

Mega Multimedia – Non member S$89/ Member S$79

Game Xtreme  – S$89

Singtel GX – S$89 You will not get a pre-order card, however collection is also at the launch event. (Exclusive to SingTel Mobile Postpaid and Prepaid customers only.)

Diablo III Standard Edition copies without Pre-order Card

Copies bought from the below options will not be able to be collected at the launch event.

Qisahn – S$65.90 (Orders in multiples of 4)

Qishan  – S$69.90 (Single copy orders)

GamingEra – S$69.90 (Digital copy. Pre-download available now.)

Blizzard  – S$89 (Digital copy. Pre-download available now.)

If you’re wondering why Qisahn’s prices are so cheap, it’s because they are bringing in the parallel-imported versions of D3, as opposed to Asiasoft’s official Southeast Asia distributed copies of the game. Keep that in mind should you decide to purchase from Qisahn.

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