King of Fighters XIII: Climax out at TKA Bugis Junction

King of Fighters 13: Climax

King of Fighters XIII: Climax, the latest arcade update for KOF13, is now out at TKA Virtualand in Bugis Junction. There are two pairs of machines available (located at the central basement lobby, in front of Tekken Tag Tournament 2), and credits are set to 50 cents each.

Climax adds in all of the console-exclusive characters (including the DLC ones) to the arcade version: Billy Kane, (non-boss) Saiki, Mr. Karate, NESTS Kyo (aka EX Kyo), and ’98 Iori.

In addition, Climax also incorporates the massive list of changes the console versions have had over the original vanilla KOF13 arcade version, such as the reduction of Neo Max hyperdrive cancels from three power stocks to two stocks.

For those arcade players who have never played the console version, you can visit this Dream Cancel forum thread for the fully compiled changelog.

I managed to test out the sticks and buttons for the Climax machines, and they are all in good working condition. Singapore KOF players, be sure to head down to Bugis and show your support for the cabinets!

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  • Lucas Yang

    About damn time…

  • Edward Pang

    Hi Lucas, this post was created two years ago, the machines are still there and have been there for two years.