GOG.com going mainstream? Alan Wake now on GOG

Alan Wake

Alan Wake, the action horror thriller from Remedy Entertainment (the original creators of Max Payne), has made a surprise appearance on Good Old Games (GOG). This makes Alan Wake the first current mainstream title to be sold on CD Projekt’s digital service (with the exception of CDP’s own Witcher 2), which was previously focused on selling nostalgic games and indie titles only.

The game is currently selling for US$14.99 on GOG.com, a limited 50% off discount that will last until next week. As with all of GOG’s past releases, their version of Alan Wake is DRM-free, and contains several bonus extras: All nine episodes of the Night Springs TV episodes from the game, three video documentaries from the developers, and seven “Writer in the Cabin” videos.

Additionally, the stand-alone spin-off, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, is also available for pre-order on GOG for up to 25% off if you already own the GOG version of Alan Wake.

Not to be outdone, the Steam versions of Alan Wake and American Nightmare are also on offer, matching GOG price-for-price, but without the aforementioned bonus extras.

Could this be the first signs of GOG going mainstream with modern releases? Will we finally see a digital distribution showdown between Steam and GOG? As a long time supporter of CD Projekt and GOG, I’m saying it’s about damn time.

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