BioShock: Infinite not coming out in 2012 after all, delayed to 26 Feb

BioShock - Infinite

BioShock: Infinite, originally announced for a 16 October release, has now been pushed back to 26 February 2013. The news was announced by Irrational Games’ creative director, Ken Levine, on the official BioShock: Infinite website.

As a result of the pushback, BioShock: Infnite will no longer be making an appearance at E3, Gamescom, and other big videogame conventions this summer.

The delay is simply to give the developers more time to polish the game. Hopefully, this won’t be the beginning of a series of infinite delays, similar to how Duke Nukem Forever’s title almost single-handedly cursed the game to 14 years of development hell.

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  • Jerry

    Dammit! There goes my happiness! D;