Blizzard bans “several thousand” Diablo III players

Diablo III

Several thousand Diablo III players were banned recently for cheating and/or using botting or hacking programs while playing, a Blizzard community manager revealed on Tuesday.

In a post on the forums, Jonathan “Zarhym” Brown said that “botting, hacking and other exploitive behaviour could contribute to stability and performance issues with the service”.

He added that maintaining a stable, safe and fun online-gaming experience for legitimate players was a top priority for Blizzard.

Zarhym said that besides violating the terms of use, the banned players undermined the spirit of fair play that was essential to everyone’s enjoyment of the game.

The bans comes as botting tools, such as Immortal Bot and Demonbuddy, are being developed for public use and even sold to players.

Blizzard’s move to ban players shortly after Diablo III’s launch is not without precedent. In October 2010, the company banned over 5,000 players shortly after the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

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