Yu-Gi-Oh! goes social

Yu-Gi-Oh! Bam

Konami has announced the launch of Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM, an exclusive Facebook game that combines the most popular elements of the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game (TCG) with the social network.

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM features 300 specially modified cards and the unique opportunity for Facebook users to duel their friends.  Various power-ups and rewards can also be used to further the player’s progress in the game.

To make the game more accessible, tutorials and the ability to create an ‘insta-deck’, which generates the best deck for a duel, will allow newcomers to ease into the thick of things.

Personally, I am no fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! but it is interesting to see a major TCG brought into the realm of social gaming.

TCGs and social gaming seems like a good fit. It’s a great way to reinforce popularity, while providing a low risk-no cost way for new players to try the game. Perhaps we might see the Facebook version of Magic: the Gathering next?

You can check out the game here.

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