Nexon’s Cloudstone goes open beta on Facebook


Looking for another time sink to while your time away? Look no further! Korean MMO developer, Nexon, announced that Cloudstone, a point-and-click action role-playing game, is now available in open beta on Facebook.

Cloudstone offers three character classes: the close-quarter fighting Warrior, ranged-attack Wizards, and the quick-healing Monk. Players can explore four different islands, where they will fight through up to a dozen dungeons.

Akin to Nexon’s Maplestory, the dungeons are occupied by cute but deadly monsters. Gold and valuable items dropped by monsters can be traded in for gear upgrades. In addition, the dungeons can be replayed at different difficulty settings where the risks are higher, but the loot drops are more rewarding.

Cloudstone also offers an item shop, a practice area, a job board, and a tavern where players can socialise and exchange tales of their adventures.

Players who wish to an personalise their characters’ appearances by changing hairstyles and facial features, as well as selecting from a variety of armor designs and weapon types.

I did a quick run of Cloudstone and found the controls to be intuitive and easy, although there were minor occasional pathing issues. For inexperienced gamers, there is a handy tutorial guide that will ease any player into the game.

Like typical Facebook games, Cloudstone requires the use of energy points. That is to say once your energy is used up, you have to wait till it recharges, or you could purchase energy points from the in-game store.

The game’s currency is split into two types: Gold and Rubies, with Rubies being the game’s premium currency. If you find yourself short of rubies and gold, need energy points or hanker over a particular outfit or weapon, you could always spend a bit of real cash to get the item you want. Be careful not to rack up a large bill though.

Being a game on Facebook, you are also encouraged to invite your friends on your adventures. And if they are playing the game too, you will be able to call upon them to assist you. After which, there will be a cool down time, where you will be unable to call them for help again.

Cloudstone may not appeal to everyone due to its cutesy graphics and its “pay to win” format. But it certainly is an excellent time waster while you are in the office*.

If you want to give Cloudstone a go, you can click here.

* Disclaimer: No Game No Time does not condone playing videogames during office hours.

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