Here comes the belated Steam Summer Sale: Now with achievement badges

Steam Summer Sale 2012

The Steam Summer Sale is finally upon us, after its previous delay had caused much anguish over the Internet. The sale period will last from 13 July till 23 July (Singapore time).

On offer are the usual glut of publisher catalogue deals and super-discounted daily deals. Today’s highlights include Modern Warfare 3 for 50% off at US$29.99, and Portal 2 for 75% off at US$4.99.

This time, Valve has included new “Flash Sale” deals that last for only a few short hours each day. You can also cast votes to decide which game you want to see being put up on Flash Sale.

Fans of indie games may want to take note of the daily Indie Bundles, featuring several indie games priced into one cheap package.

Another newer, and somewhat entertaining feature introduced in this year’s Summer Sale are Steam Badges, which are basically achievement-type milestones and tasks for users to complete.

Unlike the previous 2011 Holiday Sale and Summer Sale of last year, there are no coals or tickets to collect this time. The badges are for pure, absolute bragging rights. Want to show people that you’ve been a registered Steam user from day one, since it was launched in 2003? Now you can.

If you haven’t done so, now is probably the best time to grab hold of the Steam Mobile App so that you can update yourself with all the latest daily Flash Sales while you are on the move.

Happy shopping, and be sure to check out our Steam sale guide for tips on how to shop smart during this period.

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