What’s that smell: Capcom chooses Epic-Scents to develop character scents

AE 2012 Hakan

Get a whiff of this. Epic-Scents — a fragrance company — has announced that it has partnered Capcom, acquiring license rights to develop fragrances for Capcom’s iconic characters.

The exact details of the project remain closely guarded so far, but apparently this new product line will add “a new dimension to the selected franchise’s characters”. The scents are supposedly going to be used in personal care, household and promotional products, and is expected to launch in Fall 2012.

Can you imagine the possibilities of this partnership? We have.

  • Ryu Sweat – To unleash your inner dragon
  • Megaman –When your armpits need greasing
  • The Wright Phoenix – No longer hear OBJECTION when you go on dates
  • Frank’s Swagger – He has covered wars, you know
  • Hakan Oil – ???

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