Call of the Siren: The Naga Siren joins Dota 2


Cover your ears, you don’t want to be drawn in by the Siren’s call! The Naga Siren has been added to the quickly expanding cast of Dota 2.

The Naga Siren is a carry/disabler, whose most notable skill is her ultimate ability, Song of the Siren, which allows her to set up ganks or escape from enemy ganks unscathed. Her other skills include Ensnare, a net which prevents her opponents from moving or blinking away; Mirror Image, which creates multiple images of herself; and Riptide, an AOE damage spell.

New stats have also been added to the spectator experience for Dota 2. Now spectators can also see various statistics of the game they are viewing, such as gold earned per minute. Definitely a great addition for fans watching competitive games online.

Full changelog below:

  • Added Naga SirenNaga Siren!
  • Added new stats dropdown feature when spectating!
  • Enabled Naga SirenNaga Siren in Captain’s Mode



  • The Director will now acknowledge all Ultimate usages not just the ones that damage, so you can no longer pretend that Echo Slam in the jungle by yourself didn’t happen.
  • Tweaks to Directed camera framing and movement.


  • Added chat spam throttling.
  • Players that have not purchased a Tournament Pass will no longer be able to watch that Tournament’s replays.
  • Sellback times no longer expire when moving items to the courier.
  • Commendations are now only allowed from within games.
  • Commendation totals are not incremented until the game is finished.
  • Commendation totals are not incremented if the game was less than 10 minutes long.
  • Fixed item stocks not restoring correctly when multiple items are sold back within the sellback time.
  • Added a message when a player destroys the Aegis.
  • Added confirmation dialog before starting a Tournament game with one or more teams not specified.
  • Added client-side console variables allowing spectators to locally disable certain announcer lines. Especially useful for broadcasters. The cvars are:
    • cl_dota_speech_spec_towerattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_towerfalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_barracksfalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_ancientattack, cl_dota_speech_spec_enemybasefalls, cl_dota_speech_spec_idles .
    • Set any of them to ‘0’ to prevent that line from playing. (Broadcasters will almost always want to set cl_dota_speech_spec_idles 0 ).
  • Multiple players who have the same announcer equipped in the same game should now hear the same line being spoken.


  • Enabled AFK and leaver penalties for co-op bot matches.
  • Re-enabled rewards for co-op bot matches.- Added new stats dropdown feature when spectating!

(via Dota 2 Wiki)

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