PS3 R3 version of Persona 4: Arena is out, make sure you purchase the correct region

P4A front

The PS3 Region 3 version of Persona 4: Arena was released in Singapore yesterday. Make sure that you’re purchasing the correct version of this region-locked title.

The front cover art shows Yu Narukami and Labrys, and at the bottom left, you should see a yellow CERO 12+ rating logo:

P4A front

The back cover is in Japanese text, with an “R3” logo located near the bottom right:

P4A back

Although the manual is in Japanese, the game menus are defaulted to English language text and English voices. You still have the option of switching to Japanese text and voices under the language options.

P4A menu

For those of you who don’t own an Asian PS3, you will need to purchase the appropriate version that matches your region. The North American R1 version is scheduled to be released on 7 August. No fixed date for the European R2 version has been announced yet.

Remember, although the game is region-locked, the online matchmaking servers are not, so you can still play versus matches against players from all around the world.

The PlayStation R3 version of P4A is retailing at a recommended retail price of around S$69.

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    hey, thanks for reminding us! i have a question.
    recently i just found out that my ps3 machine is a south-asia version and i bought a US version of P4A :(
    does this version match my console? and if it is, where can i get it online?

  • Edward Pang

    Nope, you cannot play the US version on your SEA console.

    P4A is available as on online purchase on the US PSN store. I am not sure if the Asia store offers a download version as well.

    Perhaps you can approach the store you bought the game from and ask for a refund. Explain to them nicely about the region locking, might be a good idea to show them proof that your console is a SEA machine as well.

  • silverstory

    any online store still selling a South East Asian region Persona 4 Arena? Or would a PAL(European) version would work?

  • GFoppy

    You can try purchasing it on the PSN store digitally based on your PSN account’s region.