New BlazBlue sequel: Chrono Phantasma announced

Arc System Works has announced a new BlazBlue game, titled BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, at the recent Buru Fes (BlazBlue Festival) on 5 August. The game is scheduled to be released in Japanese arcades at the end of this year, with a likely console port coming several months later in 2013.

The online BlazBlue community has nicknamed Chrono Phantasma as BB3 , since it is the second full-fledged sequel in the series, right after Continuum Shift.

BB3 will feature three brand new characters: Amane Nishiki, Bullet, and Azrael. Some existing members of the BlazBlue cast have received changes to their artwork and appearance, most notably Noel Vermillion who now fights without her beret and uses what appears to be shotgun pistols.

The official BB3 teaser trailer (which you can view embedded in this article’s header) shows glimpses of the new UI and fighting system: the guard primer (guard crush) gauge is no longer present, and the heat gauge (super meter) is now divided into segments of 25% — which suggests a possible new EX special moves mechanic, similar to Arc System Works’s other recent fighting game, Persona 4: Arena.

Andriasang reports that BB3 will undergo a period of location tests at Akihabara from 6-12 August. Expect more gameplay footage and information to be revealed by then.

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