MapleStory SEA releases Return of the Forces update

MapleStory SEA Return of Forces Akarium Boss

MapleStory SEA has announced the official launch of Return of the Forces, which features major skills overhaul for various classes, revamped maps and party quests, as well as new Boss monsters.

“The Return of the Forces is a major content patch many gamers are looking forward to… (and) is a much needed step in order to balance the gameplay experience of the game”, Chairman of Asiasoft Online Sherman Tan said.

MapleStory players can also expect a newly revamped party quest, Nett’s Pyramid, and a new Boss Expedition, where they can form parties and take on Arkarium.

In addition, there is the reintroduction of Ellin Forest, along with two new bosses — Chow and Fairy Queen Epineah, which can be found in the area.

Here is a brief summary of the Return of the Forces content update:

Major skills overhaul the following classes

  • Aran
  • Evan
  • Resistance Class – Wild hunter, Mechanic, Battle Mage
  • Explorer Class – Warrior, Magician, Bowman
  • Knights of Cygnus Class

Introduction of Ellin Forest

  • Ellin Forest has been went through a revamp and has also expanded its map
  • Two new bosses introduced into the map – Chow and Fairy Queen Epineah

Return of Nett’s Pyramid

  • A revamped party quest featuring new modes, new gameplay as well as new items for exchange with the gems available in the party quest

New Boss Expedition

  • Arkarium, a new boss that escaped into the Dimensional schism. Gamers can expect to find new rewards and new item sets by defeating the boss.

The full changelog can be found here.

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