The best of Source Filmmaker: the first month

Source Filmmaker

Valve’s Source Filmmaker (SFM) has been released to the public for free since July, and in one short month, some outstanding machinima videos have already been produced. Here are a few of my favourite picks.

The Roamer Rises

What’s an ideal machinima for an early SFM project? Why not recreate the awesome trailer for The Dark Knight Rises? YouTube user SylonTheGreat did exactly just that:

The Matrix Remade

User LiveCurious95 went one step further and remade an entire scene from The Matrix, right down to every spent bullet casing:

Practical Problems

The best for last, comes from user monkeyjunkie160. It tells the story of two opposing engineers battling it out over 2Fort, and is unquestionably the best original piece of work produced in SFM thus far.

Have you come across any other noteworthy SFM videos on YouTube? Do let us know in the comments!

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